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Over the past two years INK has delivered consistent copy for our clients, ranging from nonprofit to financial and legal to large consumer brands. The projects have included scripts for videos, commercials, web content and tag lines. Thanks to Michael and Valerie’s attention to detail, we look like rock stars to our end client.
— Chris Blanchard, President Moment to Moment Marketing

When I first came to Michael I had an idea for space fantasy adventure film that had been rumbling around in my mind for the past 5 years or so. I brought him to my house and opened up all of my sketch books. I showed him all of my ideas, characters, and radical visuals. I had a rough idea for a story and thats about it. Over a series of several months Michael, began to breath more life into the script and helped it grow into a heart warming human centered story. This, I believe is the most important aspect for any great film. He is wonderful to work with and makes the creative process a real joy. Michael listens, and also organizes. Two traits I find very admirable. To sum it up: Michael makes a movie worth watching.
— Eric David Wallace, Senior Designer Predicate

My business is construction and I contracted Ink to write a series of industry blogs for my website. They did an outstanding job, completely immersing themselves in my field to deliver web content that was insightful and intriguing. My clients loved reading those articles and requested more. It was a relief to have a go-to company that could quickly whip up copy that captured my business’ brand. I would highly recommend them to any other entrepreneur or business owner wanting to establish a solid internet presence and engage online with their customers.
— Don Shepherd, CEO Shepherd Construction

Michael contributed articles to NewsBase’s North American Oil & Gas Monitor (NorthAmOil) over the course of 2014. He quickly familiarised himself with the requirements for our articles, and tackled all his assignments with professionalism and enthusiasm. Subjects he covered included the 2014 winter propane crisis, production in the US Gulf of Mexico, the rise of independent producers in the US and Alaska’s oil and gas investment challenges, among others. Michael always turned in well-researched and well-written pieces in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to work with.
— Anna Kachkova, Senior Editor Newsbase Weekly Report

I hired Michael and Valerie for a few smaller projects several years ago. Working with them was a breath of fresh air. Their professionalism and ability to not only meet deadlines, but exceed expectations, made others pale in comparison. I always kept them at the top of my mind for future projects and actually looked forward to working with them once more. Last year I hired them to collaborate on a bigger project: a PSA for Stand Up For Gus, where they really got to roll their sleeves up and take the reigns while demonstrating that they can tackle any project that comes their way. They are an incredibly responsive and dynamic duo whose passion shines through in all that they accomplish.
— Sommer Stewart, Owner and Creative Strategist at Sly Concepts

I had the privilege of working with Valerie on a video spot for the law firm, Levitt Quinn. Valerie was the creative content marketer, and showed nothing but professionalism from the onset. She was extremely organized, confident, knowledgeable, and above all, a pleasure to work with. With her on the team, we could remain calm and focused on the work at hand, while wearing a smile.
— Amir Motlagh, Writer/Director ANIMALS Productions

Writers, like actors, are extremely sensitive creatures; even the ones who put on a tough persona and poker face crumble behind closed doors after constructive criticism. Michael Ashley goes beyond constructive criticism; he not only supports the writer through his poignant structure and character notes, he also sharpens the writer’s creative vision while inspiring them. I currently have a TV comedy in pre-production in New Zealand which Ashley helped finesse and shape with his guiding observations and accessible suggestions. He doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong; he tells you what’s right and how you can make it even better. And in this industry, after years of rejection, it’s nice to be right, right?
— Louis Mendiola, screenwriter of the upcoming TV comedy "Double Parked"

Applying to college was one of the most stressful times in my life. While managing a full high school load, I embarked on the terrifying journey that is the UC application, dreaming of a happy ending at UC Berkeley. I set aside copious amounts of time to work on my personal statements not only because I’m the slowest writer in the world, but also because I knew I could somehow convince Berkeley to let me in with my words. This is where Michael came in. I handed him two essays of jumbled words and disjointed thoughts — he essentially took the food scraps I gave to him and turned them into one complete, gourmet meal. He helped me to gather and simplify my thoughts, making my whole argument clear and concise. Michael and I exchanged several drafts throughout this process, giving me the help I needed where I needed it. At the end of the day I had two perfectly sculpted essays, written entirely by myself. With his help, I was admitted to UC Berkeley during the Spring of my senior year! I am now a college senior, happier than ever, and forever grateful to Michael for having played such a crucial role in my college education and future career.
— Marisa Weinberg, College Student, UC Berkeley

Need a ghost writer for your blog, give Michael Ashley a call.
Whether you’re looking for creative or technical writing or a combination of both for your business, Ashley delivers.
— Gene Lim, CEO MAV12

I asked INK for assistance in preparing a speech on a delicate subject which was to be delivered to a diverse and discerning crowd. INK helped me hone my material to accomplish my objectives in an informative and enlightened manner.
— Kevin Seltzer, Attorney at Law

We contracted with Ink on a couple of projects. One was a grant proposal that required fast copy turn-around, clear description of ideas and help with conceptualization. Our second project was a curriculum that required editing and proofreading. Collaborating with Ink was like having an in-house copywriter: they were able to transfer complex ideas into words effortlessly, and the result on both projects was fantastic. Bottom line: Ink’s ability as wordsmith combined with clear communication and collaboration skills will make any writing process go quickly and smoothly.
— Zach Laurie, Co-Founder and Director of Education Roots to Branches LLC