How to Choose Your Writing Niche in Two Easy Steps

This blog is part of a series of helpful pointers for fellow writers in the “The Six-Figure Writer” Community

A working writer must be a “Jack (or Jill) of All Trades” when it comes to their abilities. He or she must be versatile and easily adapt their craft to various writing formats in order to meet client demands. You don`t want to be a one trick pony when it comes to selling your services.

The hard part is actually choosing what your niche should be.

Often times, what we may think of as a niche is actually too broad. Or we just aren`t sure which one to choose. For example, many business-minded writers pick “marketing” as their niche. But marketing isn`t a niche; that’s far too big of a discipline with multiple sub-categories.

I too struggled with finding my niche and it cost me a lot of time and missed opportunities. I tried to position myself as knowledgeable in multiple disciplines, but by doing so I diluted my focus. After careful consideration, my niche became very clear: content marketing and strategy. That’s my niche. It’s what I specialize in. Am I well-versed in other areas outside my niche? Absolutely. I have years of copy writing experience. But with so many copywriters going after this area, why throw my name in an already overfilled hat?

So how do you go about choosing this elusive, mysterious niche?

Step one:

Begin with a candid self-audit. What are some things you are genuinely knowledgeable about? What are topics that know through and through? What do you have a lot of experience in? Do you have a unique approach or experience in a particular field that sets you apart?

The key here is to choose something where you actually have credibility. That may sound like pretty obvious advice but you would be surprised at how many people try to brand themselves as experts when they have no actual experience. It shows. How many of you have come across so-called marketing “experts” offering online courses on how to get clients, yet they don`t really have any?

Step two:

Once you have listed your strengths, ask yourself an important question: which of those topics are you genuinely passionate about? Which ones do you actually love exploring, discussing, and learning about? Case in point, I`m well read on SEO, but I would never try to promote myself as an expert on it because truthfully the subject doesn`t excite me. I`m not passionate about it.

Next, don`t choose a niche because you think it’ll make you money. If you`re not authentic about your niche, chances are you`ll never build the audience necessary to actually make any money.

Final Thought

Selecting a niche is about finding that wonderful equilibrium between passion and expertise. Seek out topics you enjoy. But also look for something that you`re knowledgeable enough about to teach others and engage with them. Let these two items be your guiding principles: passion and knowledge.