Building Brands, Changing Hearts and Minds

By Izzy Williams, Content Creator at Ink Wordsmiths

In a meeting with the founder of Ink Wordsmiths, Michael Ashley, and the founder of Accountability Brothers, Ron Patarello, we reviewed the company’s website and brainstormed how to transform their existing content into bite-sized stories to immediately attract viewers. Critical feedback is only helpful when it’s constructive and respectful to the writer. If we didn’t agree on a page’s layout or the web copy, we would communicate our individual perspectives, then arrive at a creatively-motivated conclusion. We also made sure to identify the company’s main demographic.


As with many new organizations, Accountability Brothers was having difficulty generating external funds, so they wanted to aim content towards potential donors. During this initial meeting, we identified the most beneficial changes to their website and written content, always keeping that demographic in mind. Images also play a large role in supporting the desired narrative. Think of how a film uses both visual and verbal communication to relay a particularly powerful message. With the ease of digital platforms, we can incorporate both of these into our client’s stories. In the first meeting, we mainly discussed the website’s color schemes, and how this impacted a potential audience. 

On Accountability Brothers’ previous website, the main color scheme was white, black, and red. While this combination has biblical significance, the mixture also creates a sense of despair. Instead, we suggested different shades of blue to evoke a lighter, more welcoming feel when entering the site. Additionally, we replaced the images of tearful children and imprisoned men with former inmates who had been guided by Accountability Brothers. This emphasized the goal of Accountability Brothers and illustrated their success in rehabilitating those trapped in what can be a cyclical system. By brainstorming as a team, creating an outline for the new website, and writing content specific to their demographic, Ink Wordsmiths was able to provide wide exposure and awareness for the admirable mission of Accountability Brothers. 


We are continuing to work alongside Accountability Brothers to help build their brand, allowing them to be recognized by an even larger audience. This process includes continued assistance on their website, maintaining their LinkedIn page, crafting and publishing future articles, and writing a forthcoming book about the Brothers and their journeys. Once Ron has been established as a thought leader, we will also tailor our content work to angle him as a future Ted Talk speaker. We wish to create the narrative essential to Accountability Brothers’ mission, but we also demonstrate Ron as the pioneer of the movement.

Whether it’s a home page of a website, a new blog, or a revolutionary speech, we want to tell your story. At Ink Wordsmiths, our communication expertise brings exposure. Through effective communication, aesthetic designs, and emotional storytelling, we give our clients the opportunities they deserve.