Modern Media

By Danny Avershal, Content Creator, Ink Wordsmiths

Let’s face it. All you can eat subscription services have taken over several entertainment industries including music, television, and film. Apps, like Spotify, have nearly killed the record industry, quickly pumping in new subscribers every day with an entire catalog of music deeper than any that you could physically own. And all at your fingertips for $9.99 a month.

Netflix operates on a similar model, and is one of the top reasons people don’t attend movie theatres anymore. In fact, the  LA Times says “the number of actual tickets sold this summer paints a bleaker picture, with total admissions likely to clock in at about 425 million, the lowest level since 1992, according to industry estimates.”

In the end, people are going to pick what is most convenient for them, and these days, streaming is the name of the game. But it doesn’t stop at electronic media. Book sales are beginning to go this way as well. With the advent of Kindle, and other services, like Scribd, and Oyster, consumers have even more freedom in the way they choose to read books.

Critics of the new wave of “temporary ownership” may point out these services are killing the entertainment industry. While these applications may be putting dents in age-old media institutions, like film studios, and record companies, people are consuming now more than ever.

Whatever content you create, whether it’s music, film or writing, keep in mind that it’s not that people are consuming less, it’s just that they’re doing it differently than they used to. Being a creative in this day and age isn’t about sticking to your ways, it’s about adapting to the newest technology which is changing faster every day. People don’t buy media anymore. They rent it, or stream it. Although monetizing your creativity may be done differently now, personal branding and marketing has never been easier.

Seize the resources you have, don’t be afraid to build your brand, and be prepared to adapt to the ever-changing world of media consumption.

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